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Department of Planning, Permitting
& Development

Human Services Building
1834 Lakeside Dr.
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 349-2073
(828) 349-2072

Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Macon County Planning Board
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Macon County Comprehensive Plan:




Environmental Services:




Macon County • Department of Planning, Permitting & Development
(828) 349-2073 or (828) 349-2072

The Macon County Department of Planning, Permitting & Development is comprised of several divisions including building inspections, environmental services and the county planner.

Director Jack Morgan

  • The Building Inspections is authorized by the North Carolina General Statutes to enforce the North Carolina State Building Codes. Building Inspectors implement the North Carolina State Building Codes through inspections. The primary function of the office is to ensure the health safety and welfare of the public This office accepts applications for building permits including accessory buildings electrical permits mechanical permits heating and air conditioning wood burning stoves plumbing permits and sign permits plans issues permits for construction activities conducts building inspections of construction in progress and issues Certificates of Occupancy Bobby Bishop is the Chief Building Official.

  • Environmental Services Section Administers the Flood Damage Prevention Program, Watershed Protection Program, and the Sedimentation and Erosion Control Program.

  • Jack Morgan as County Planner administers the Sign, Telecommunication Tower, Subdivision, and Sexually Oriented Business ordinances.

Our mission at the Macon County Department of Planning, Permitting & Development is to serve the people of Macon County by:

  • Enforcing the NC State Building Code in a fair and consistent manner
  • Developing and managing project initiatives which benefit our citizens and visitors
    County Development Codes
  • Macon County Planning Board
  • Watershed Protection
  • Sign Control
  • Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control
  • Floodplain Management
  • Telecommunications Towers
  • Subdivision Ordinance
  • Sexually Oriented Business
  • High Impact Land Use
    Inspections Department
    NC State Codes
  • NC Building Code
  • NC Electrical Code
  • NC Mechanical Code
  • NC Plumbing Code
  • NC Fire Prevention Code

Department Staff:

Jack Morgan (828) 349-2170 Director
Tina Wiggins (828) 349-2073 Office Administrator
Lisa Marling (828) 349-2072 Administrative Support

Inspections Section Staff
Bobby Bishop (828) 349-2174 Chief Building Official
Robert Crisp (828) 349-2487 Building Inspector
David Enloe (828) 349-2411 Building Inspector
Sam Kelly (828) 349-2518 Building Inspector

Environmental Services
Jack Morgan (828) 349-2170 Erosion Control Officer
Joe Allen (828) 349-2560 Erosion Control Officer

County Planner
Jack Morgan (828) 349-2170 County Planner
Joe Allen (828) 349-2560 Assistant Planner
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