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Department of Planning
Department of Code Enforcement

Human Services Building
1834 Lakeside Dr.
Franklin, NC 28734
Planning(828) 349-2073
Code Enforcement (828)349-2072

Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm




Environmental Services:




Macon County • Department of Planning & Department of Code Enforcement

Planning Section
Checklist for Development in Macon County


If your property lies within the city limits/ETJ of Franklin or Highlands, zoning restrictions may apply to the property. If your property lies outside the municipal areas of Franklin and Highlands, the following questions should be answered prior to development:

  1. Are you Subdividing Land? A "subdivision" as defined by the Macon County Subdivision Ordinance means all divisions of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, building sites, or other divisions for the purpose of sale or building development.

    a. If you plan on subdividing your property, the subdivision administrator should be consulted in the beginning stages. This will ensure that the regulations set forth in the subdivision ordinance are followed, and any complications resulting from neglect of the ordinance are prevented.

    b. Contact the Subdivision Administrator at (828) 349-2518 or email the County Planner for questions regarding subdivisions/subdivision ordinance.

  2. Does your property lie in a regulated area?

    a. Special Flood Hazard Area
    b. Watershed District

    i. Development restrictions may apply in these areas.
    ii. Contact the Planning Department at (828) 349-2518 for questions regarding Special Flood Hazard Area/ Watershed Districts.

  3. What about Well and Septic? Macon County regulates private drinking water wells and on-site wastewater. Prior to developing your property the proper permits will be required from the Macon County Environmental Health Department (828) 349-2490/ (828) 349-2592.


The following steps should be taken when acquiring permits for your land.

Step 1: Subdivision Ordinance

  • Contact the Macon County Planning Department at (828) 349-2518 to inquire about Subdivision Ordinance Requirements.

    Information you should have before you call:

  • Property Location
  • Sketch Plan or Survey of Proposed subdivision
  • Subdivision ordinance can be viewed by following this link.

Subdivision Questions?

Contact County Planning Office: (828) 349-2518
Joe Allen - Macon County Planner - Email

Ready to record your property?

Contact Register of Deeds:(828) 349-2096
Todd Raby - Register of Deeds - Email

911 Addressing (828) 349-2547
Angie Kinsland - Email

Step 2: Sedimentation and Erosion Control

  • Contact Macon County Environmental Services at (828) 349-2518 to inquire about permit and plan requirements.

    Information you should have before you call:
  • The property's location.
  • Number of acres to be disturbed
    Request the following:
  • Land Disturbance Application
    If you are constructing new roads and/or disturbing land that amounts *to less than ½ acre, please call the Erosion Control Office to request information regarding maximum road grades and groundcover specifications.*Still requires permit

Sedimentation or Erosion Control questions?

Contact Sedimentation and Erosion Control: (828) 349-2518
Joe Allen - Environmental Services Supervisor - Email

Step 3: Streams and Wetlands

If disturbing streams or wetlands:

Step 4: Well and Septic

For any information regarding well and septic application/permitting processes, click on the following links for step by step instructions.

Step 5: Zoning and other Development Permits

If property is located in the Town of Franklin or Town of Highlands areas,

  • Obtain zoning permits as well as any other permits as required by the respective jurisdiction. If property is located in a floodplain or County Watershed
  • Obtain permit applications for Watershed and/or Floodplain Development from the Inspections Office. If you have questions regarding the Watershed or Floodplain, call the Environmental Services office at (828) 349-2518.

Step 6: Building Permit
Apply for a building permit from Macon County Inspections (828) 349-2072 at 1834 Lakeside Drive in the Macon County Human Services Building (fee involved).

Building Application Questions?

Contact Building Office:
Tina Wiggins - (828) 349-2073 Email
Stephanie Robinson - (828) 349-2072 Email

Does your property lie in a Flood Hazard area or Watershed District?

Click here for GIS Mapping or contact Macon County Land Records: (828) 349-2190
Wesley Hall - Data Processing - Email

For information regarding private drinking water wells and on-site wastewater systems visit the Environmental Health Department.

Contact Environmental Health: (828) 349-2491
Charles Womack - Email

For building permit information visit the inspections department online -or-

Contact Building Inspections: (828) 349-2073
Bobby Bishop - Director of Code Enforcement - Email

Municipality Offices
Is your property located inside the city limits of Franklin or Highlands or their respective ETJs? If so, please feel free to visit their website or give them a call.

Town of Franklin • (828) 524-2516

Town of Highlands • (828) 526- 2118

Army Corps of Engineers

Visit the Army Corps of Engineers website for relevant information on disturbing streams and wetlands or call (202) 761-0011.

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