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Macon County Environmental Health
1830 Lakeside Drive, Franklin, NC 28734

Phone: (828) 349-2490
Fax: (828) 349-4136

Office Hours:
8am -12pm 1pm - 5pm


There are many online applications and forms that can be downloaded. Click here to go to the Form Downloads page.

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  • Turn onto Lake Emory Road off of 441 Business.
  • Turn LEFT onto Lakeside Drive.
  • Turn into Health Department Entrance;
  • Drive around LEFT side of building
    till you reach back corner entrance.
  • Door is CODE ENFORCEMENT door.
  • This is the door you go in.



macon county health department nc north carolinaMacon County Public Health
Environmental Health Services

The Macon County Health Department protects environmental and public health by assuring compliance with state and local environmental laws.

Environmental Health Services include inspections and permitting of septic systems, private drinking water wells, swimming pools, hospitals, daycare centers, schools, food handling, tattoo parlors, and lodging establishments.

Services also include site evaluation for septic system and well permits and restaurant plan review and pool plan review. This section sponsors rabies clinics, food handling sanitation seminars, and training for day care workers.

Fees are charged at the time of application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?
8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday

Children's Services

What are the health department’s requirements to open and operate a child care center?
Contact the Food & Lodging Program Specialist with the Environmental Health Section for forms and relevant information.

Should I have my child tested for lead poisoning?
If your child is under the age of six, it is a good idea to have him/her tested. Testing is especially important if your child lives in a home built prior to 1978, or if the child regularly visits a structure that was built prior to 1960. If paint in an older structure is in poor condition (flaking, chipping, peeling) or has been disturbed by recent remodeling in any location your child spends time, then it is also a good idea to have the child tested.

If the child is over the age of six, should I have him/her tested for lead poisoning?
The risk is not as great due to changes in hand to mouth activities. Also, the development of the central nervous system and brain is not as readily affected by lead after the age of six. Lead is not healthy at any age, but the human body doesn’t absorb it as effectively as we progressively age.

Garbage Complaints

What can be done regarding garbage complaints?
The Environmental Health section does not investigate complaints of improper garbage disposal. We may refer these complaints to the Macon County Solid Waste Department.


How do I get a permit to operate a food service establishment?
Contact the Food & Lodging Program Specialist with the Environmental Health section for forms and relevant information.

How do I file a complaint about a restaurant and/or a possible food related illness?
Call the environmental Health Section, where the call will be referred to the designated specialist who will in turn, investigate the complaint.

Septic Systems

How do I get my land checked for a building site that would require a septic tank and/or well?
Fill out the necessary county application in its entirety. The specialist will contact you to set an appointment to visit the lot, evaluate the soil characteristics, and determine the suitability of the relevant parameters and either approve or disapprove the lot. Fees are variable, dependent upon the design flow of the system.

If my land is turned down as unsuitable for septic, can I appeal that decision?
You have 30 days to appeal a denial. Information is included in every denial letter explaining your rights.

How can I file a complaint about a failing septic system?
Contact the Environmental Health Section where the complaint will be referred to the designated specialist who will follow up with the complaint in a timely manner.

Swimming Pools

What is required for the construction and operation of a public swimming pool?
The first step is to complete a plan review application. Then, submit plans designed by an engineer, with an engineer’s seal and await the plan review approval. The EHS will conduct construction inspections. Next, permit fees need to be paid for the application for operations permit. Then the EHS will conduct a final inspection and permit the pool. Keep in mind a pool operator must be available and responsible for the swimming pool. Existing pools require annual renewal applications and payments of relevant fees associated.

How do I become a Certified Pool Operator?
Contact the Environmental Health Section for names and addresses for a list of instructors available within the private sector.

Well Water

How can I get my well water sampled and tested?
For $20.00, a standard bacteriological analysis is performed for the presence of fecal and total coliforms, which indicate contamination of the water supply. The sample may be collected by an Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) for a fee of $50.00.

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