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Macon County Dept. of Social Services
R. Patrick Betancourt, Director
1832 Lakeside Drive
Franklin, NC 28734
Phone: (828) 349-2124
Fax: (828) 349-2401


Macon County • Department of Social Services
Children, Family & Adult Services

Child Protective Services
Investigation of all reports of suspected abuse, neglect, or dependency. A wide range of services are offered to the child and family with the goal of maintaining the family unit while assuring the protection of the child. Click here for Reporting Information.

Foster Care Services
Social work services through which a plan for substitute care appropriate to a child’s needs is evaluated, arranged, maintained, and supervised in a licensed or approved home or facility when the child’s own family is unable to provide for the child adequately or the provide a suitable environment. Services are time limited and goal directed with emphasis on working with the biological families to facilitate the child’s return home as soon as possible. If return home is impossible, other permanent plans such as placement with relatives, or adoption are explored for the child.

Orientation for NC Foster Parents link

Foster Home Recruitment& Licensing
Our agency is constantly seeking good stable families to provide temporary care for children who must be placed in foster care as a result of abuse, neglect and/or dependency. The licensure process includes, but is not limited to, an in-depth assessment of the home & family situation, background checks, structural inspections of the home & completion of 30 hours of training. We also provide on-going supervision & support to all our licensed homes.

Home Studies
The completion of Home Studies for the purpose of the placement of children, as required through ICPC (Inter-state Compact on the Placement of Children), or a court order. Other requests for Home Studies could require fee payment.

Adoption Services
Recruit, study, and select adoption homes; perform casework services to prepare the child and prospective parents for placement, support and maintain the placement; and facilitate legal consummation of the adoption, including supervision and court reports.

LINKS (Independent Living Services)
These services are provided to youth who are in foster care, or have left foster care and are between the ages of 13 and 21. The agency is required to provide LINKS services to youth ages 16 and over and who will most likely have to live on their own after they leave foster care. Assessments include their need for training in life skills such as budgeting, acquiring and maintaining employment, apartment hunting and other needed skills. Training is provided for them in any needed areas to best equip them to successfully live on their own and to hopefully ensure that they will be able to maintain successful lives for themselves and their families.

Medicaid Transportation
Assess eligibility and need for transportation services for recipients of full-coverage Medicaid. Services include gas vouchers, reimbursements, and coordination of Macon County Transit Services.

Adult Protective Services
Assessment and treatment of referrals of abuse, neglect or exploitation of disabled adults age 18 and over. Click here for Reporting Information.

Adult Guardianship
Legal custodian of adults who have been adjudicated incompetent by the Clerk of Superior Court and who have no one able or willing to serve in this capacity. Provide on-going case management services.

Representative/Protective Payee
Act as payee to clients who have been determined by the Social Security Administration as unable to manage their benefits, and who have no one able or willing to serve in this capacity.

Adult Home Specialist
Monitor adult care home facilities & family care homes to ensure that state standards are met. Participates with the state office in the licensure and re-certification of new and existing facilities.

Adult Day Care Coordinator
Monitor adult day care centers to ensure that state standards are met. Participates with the state office in the licensure and re-certification of new and existing centers. (Adult Day Care subsidy funds for disabled adults may be available through Senior Services)

Adult Care Home
Case Management Provides case management services to Adult Care Home residents with special needs and receiving Special Assistance. Referrals are received from the Adult Care Home staff.

Special Assistance / In-Home Program
Assess the need for a SA/IH income supplement to cover items such as: food, shelter, clothing, services, and other daily necessities to support their ability to remain in their home. Must meet Special Assistance eligibility requirements. (Availability for this program is limited.)

Adult Placement
Assist aging and disabled adults and their families with the process of locating suitable nursing home or adult care home placement by providing referrals to appropriate resources.

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