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Macon County Board of Elections
Melanie D. Thibault, Director - email
5 West Main Street
Franklin, NC 28734
Phone: (828) 349-2034
Fax: (828) 349-2557

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Board Members & Staff

Melanie D. Thibault
Deputy Director
Judy Fritts
Election Specialist
John Williams

Kathy Tinsley
Vice Chairman
Gary Dills
Jeffrey Gillette
John Vanhook
Lynne Garrison

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State of North Carolina

Macon County

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North Carolina State Board of Elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell


Macon County Board of Elections
Voting Information

Don't Forget to Bring Photo ID


You will be assigned a voting place within the precinct where you live when you register or when you notify the Board of Elections of an address change. You will be assigned your precinct when you register. You may also call the Board of Elections office for the location of your voting place.

On Election Day

There is NO VOTING at the Macon County Courthouse on Election Day. A Voter must go to their Polling Location on Election Day, based on their physical address, in order to cast a Ballot. If you do not know your Polling Location, please contact the Board of Elections Office and they will assist you with that information. Macon County has 15 Polling Locations. All Voting locations in Macon County are open on Election Day from 6:30am-7:30pm. With the exception of Municipal Elections. For a Municipal Election, only the Voters who live inside the City limits can participate, with only 2 Locations open for those Elections. The Town Hall and the Highlands Civic Center. Upon entering the Voting location, you will provide your name, address, and party affiliation (in Primary Elections) to the Precinct Officials. If you are properly registered to vote, you will be given the appropriate ballot and directed to the Voting booth to mark your ballot, and then you will place your ballot into the Voting Machine.

Note: If a person has changed addresses and not yet notified the election office, they may still vote on election day. The voter would need to go to the new precinct where the poll worker will fill out the forms and verify with the county board of elections office. However, this will obviously take time and it is much simpler to change your address prior to election day.

Curbside Voting

If you are unable to enter the voting place because of age or physical disability, you will be allowed to vote either in your vehicle or near the voting place during the hours that the polling place is open.

Transfer Voting

If you fail to change your address by the registration deadline, there is a procedure that allows you to vote. You may also appear at the Board of Elections office between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Election Day if you failed to change your address. Your information will be corrected and you will vote while in this office. To avoid any delay, please notify the elections office of any address change within 25 days of an election.

One-stop Absentee Voting (Early Voting)

One-stop absentee voting (in-person absentee voting, or early voting) allows registered voters to go in person to their county board of elections office (or an alternative location) to vote an absentee ballot. One-stop absentee voting is conducted starting on the 3rd Thursday before the election and ends at 3:00 p.m. on the last Saturday before the election.

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Significant changes were made to the method of requesting and returning an absentee ballot by mail.

Absentee By Mail Voting

Absentee by mail ballots can be requested by any registered Macon County voter or the voter's near relative in any primary, municipal or general election conducted by the Macon County Board of Elections in which the voter is qualified to vote. For most elections, ballots will be available 50 days prior to the date of election, 60 days prior to the date of a statewide general election and 30 days prior to the date of a municipal election.

How to Request an Absentee Ballot
Resgistered voters in North Carolina must request an absentee ballot with an Offical N.C. Absentee Ballot Request Form. There are two ways to access and sbumit this form:

Deadline for Requesting an Absentee Ballot
State Absentee Ballot Request Forms must be received in the Macon County Board of Elections by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday before Election Day (one week prior to the election).

Requests By Near Relative
A request for an absentee ballot for a voter may be made by the voter or the voter's near relative. The State Absentee Ballot Request Form may be completed by the following near relatives for a qualified voter:

  • Spouse
  • Brother or sister
  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Child
  • Grandchild
  • Father- or Mother-in-law
  • Son- or Daughter-in-law
  • Stepparent
  • Stepchild
  • Verifiable legal guardian

Completing the State Absentee Ballot Request Form
The State Absentee Ballot Request Form may only be signed by the voter or a near relative or legal guardian of the voter. When completing the form, the voter or the requestor must sign and provide the voter's name, residential address, date of birth, and an identification number for the voter (i.e., NC DMV driver license number, NC DMV identification card number, or the last four digits of the voter's social security number.) If an identification number is not provided on the form, then the requestor must submit one of the documents listed below along with the completed request form:

  • A copy of a current and valid photo identification
  • A copy of one of the following documents that shows the name and address of the voter: a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document.
If a person other than the voter (a near relative or legal guardian) makes the request, then the requestor must also provide his or her name and residential address on the request form. If requesting a ballot for a partisan primary, and the voter is registered Unaffiliated, the voter or requestor should indicate the ballot preference for the voter. Finally, the voter or requestor must provide the address where the absentee balloting materials are to be mailed, if different than the voter's residential address.

NOTE: If a registered North Carolina voter (including eligible dependents) is absent due to military service or is currently living overseas, then only the actual voter may complete the State Absentee Ballot Request Form or apply using the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). For more information please visit the NC State Board of Election's website at

Processing of Absentee Ballot Requests
If the request is complete and the voter is eligible to vote in the election, the absentee balloting materials will be mailed to the voter once ballots for an election are available. The materials are not available for in-person pick up -- they must be mailed.

Upon receiving the balloting materials, the voter must follow the ballot marking and return instructions. In the presence of two (2) witnesses or a notary-public who are over the age of 18, the voter should mark the ballot, or cause it to be marked according to his or her instructions.

Deadline for Returning an Absentee Ballot
All civilian absentee ballots must be received by the Macon County Board of Elections by 5:00 PM on the day of the election. If mailed, the ballot is timely as long as the container-return envelope is postmarked by Election Day and received no later than three days after the election, by 5:00 PM. If balloting materials are returned in person, only the voter or a near relative may deliver the ballot.

For detailed instructions on Absentee voting click here

Polling Place Buffer Zones for Macon County Polling Places:

The following is a list of Macon County polling places and a description of each buffer zone in which Election Day electioneering. Buffer zones are designated in accordance with G.S. 163-166.4(a), by the County Board of Elections. Where practical set limit of the zone is 50 feet from the door of entrance to the voting place.

The poll workers will mark buffer zones on Election Day with "No Campaigning Past This Point" at the following polling locations:

  1. North Franklin - Franklin Town Hall - 95 Main Street, Franklin, NC 28734

  2. South Franklin - Macon County Public Library - 149 Siler Farm Rd. Franklin, NC 28734

  3. East Franklin - Macon County Environmental Resource Center - 1624 Lakeside Drive, Franklin, NC 28734

  4. Iotla - Macon County Airport - 1241 Airport Road, Franklin, NC 28734

  5. Union - Macon County Community Building - 1288 Georgia Road, Franklin, NC 28734

  6. Millshoal - Holly Springs Community Building - 2720 Cat Creek Road, Franklin, NC 28734

  7. Ellijay - Cullasaja Gorge Fire & Rescue - 104 River Road, Franklin, NC 28734

  8. Sugarfork - Pine Grove School - 38 Peeks Creek Road, Franklin, NC 28734

  9. Highlands - Highlands Civic Center - 600 North 4th St, Highlands, NC 28741

  10. Flats - Scaly Mountain Fire Department - 169 Hale Ridge Rd, Scaly Mountain, NC 28775

  11. Smithbridge - Otto Community Building - 60 Firehouse Rd, Otto, NC 28763

  12. Cartoogechaye - West Macon Fire and Rescue - 564 Charles Nolen Road, Franklin NC 28734

  13. Nantahala - Nantahala EMS Building - 1096 Junaluska Road, Topton NC 28781

  14. Burningtown - Burningtown Community Building - 30 Daves Creek Road, Franklin, NC 28734

  15. Cowee - Cowee School - 51 Cowee School Drive, Franklin, NC 28734

Macon County Precincts and Commissioner Districts
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Macon County School District Map
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Voting Machine Instructions

The verity scan accepts the ballots after the voter has completed their choices

The touch writer is available for anyone that needs assistance with their ballot or would like to mark their ballot electronically. Paper Ballot prints out with the voters choices. ADA Compliant.

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