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Abby Braswell
Tax Administrator
5 West Main Street, Annex Bldg.
Franklin, NC 28734 - 3005
Phone: (828) 349-2148


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  Welcome to The Macon County Tax Administrator's Webpage

Welcome to Macon County North Carolina's Tax Administrator Website. Our new site offers our citizens a number of features including a user friendly tax record lookup , and secure online payments.

Macon County hopes that this improved service proves to be a convenient resource to our citizens. If you have any questions about information you find here on this site, please contact us. Our staff looks forward to serving you.


The new reappraisal values for 2023 have now been set and you may go to the GIS/Land records portal to look at your reappraisal notice and new property assessment.Please click on this link to be taken to the GIS page.

The Board of Equalization and Review application timeline is now passed. Please contact the Macon County Tax office if you have questions about your property assessment. The tax rate has not been set as of yet and will be set by June 30, 2023. If you have not received your Informal or Board of Equalization and Review results please call the office for those decisions.

The Land Records (Mapping Office) is located on the Square in Downtown Franklin on the main level of the Macon County Courthouse. All public access terminals and property information is available at this location.

Records that may be obtained at the mapping office includes Property Cards, Parcel Maps and County Maps Terminals are also provided for document search, property search, collection information and general tax assessment information. Visit Macon County's Land Records Online.

For more information about services, public announcements and job listings in Macon County, visit our County Web Site.

The Tax Administrator's office is comprised of three divisions, Administration, Assessment and Land Records. The Administration division identifies, maintains, lists and assesses all real and personal property, along with billing and collecting of all tax revenues.

The Appraisal division is responsible for the appraisal and maintenance of all real and commercial property. The Land Records office is responsible for maintaining all county property maps.

Our mission is to achieve all of these tasks in a fair, unbiased, and equitable manner, with a professional staff in a small town office environment.

    Important Dates to Remember
  • January - General Listing Period and date to file for exemptions or exclusions
  • January 1 - Date of Assessment
  • January 6 - Interest begins
  • January 1-31 - Tax Listing for all personal property excluding tagged motor vehicles
  • March 13 - Deadline for informal appeal
  • April - Meeting of Board of Equalization
  • April 15 - Last date to file listings with prior approved extension
  • May 9 - Deadline for Board of Equalization and Review
  • August - Tax bills for current year processed and mailed

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