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Macon County Solid Waste Department
109 Sierra Drive
Franklin, NC 28734
(828) 349-2100

For additional information pertaining to the Macon County Landfill (s), Recycling Facility, Baling Facility, and Convenience Centers, contact us:

Tele: (828) 349-2252
Fax: (828) 349-2185

General Information Contact:
Joel Ostroff

Business/Billing Contact:
Tele: (828) 349-2215
June Cassada

Three-year Update to the
Solid Waste Management Plan for
Macon County,Town of Franklin
and Town of Highlands


Macon County • Solid Waste Management

The Macon County Solid Waste Management Department is comprised of several units:
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfill located at 1448 Lakeside Drive, Franklin NC.
  • Materials Recovery Facility located at 1448 Lakeside Drive, Franklin, NC.
  • Recycling Facility (where recyclables are processed and shipped to end users), located at 1448 Lakeside Drive, Franklin, NC.
  • Environmental Resource Center (a facility intended to promote environmental programs in Macon County ) located at 1624 Lakeside Drive, Franklin, NC.
  • Transfer Station located at 1080 Rich Gap Road, Highlands, NC.
  • Administrative Offices are located at 109 Sierra Drive, Franklin, NC. This facility houses the following personnel working for Solid Waste Management:
Director M. Chris Stahl  (828) 349-2100
Business Manager June Cassada (828) 349-2215
Recycling Coordinator Joel Ostroff (828) 349-2252
S.W. Enforcement Officer Joe Belcher (828) 349-2251
Scalehouse Franklin   (828) 349-2077
Scalehouse Highlands   (828) 526-2073

The long range planning goals established by the Solid Waste Management Plan are:

  • To provide everyone in the community with waste reduction and recycling opportunities, disposal capacity and waste collection services.
  • To inform and educate the public about the benefits and need for waste reduction and recycling.
  • To meet establish local waste reduction goals.
  • To protect Public Health and the environment.
  • To increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the solid waste program.
  • To decrease improper waste disposal.

*NOTICE: Per County Ordinance S 50.07(J), all hand off-loading vehicles must at the Landfill or Transfer Station one-half hour before the close of the normal operating day. Further, all vehicles must arrive at the Landfill or Transfer Station 15 minutes before posted closing times

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The document is available here in Adobe PDF format

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