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Medication Administration Refresher Course
This course is worth 1.0 CE upon completion of the test.

In an effort to maintain proficiency in medication administration I have come up with this refresher course and exam for you to take at your leisure. Please read the following information and then take the test to receive 1.0 CE.


Formulas that might be beneficial:
Calculating doses and administration rates Micrograms/kilograms/minute:

mL/hr = mcg ordered X kg X 60

mcg/kg/min = mcg/mL X mL/hr-60-kg


mL/hr = mcg ordered X 60

mcg/min = mcg/mL X mL/hr

Calculate an IV drip rate
X = IV bag volume X mg ordered X gtt set
Drug in bag X 1 min. X 1mL

Example: find the gtts/min
Ordered: 3 mg lidocaine/min IV drip On Hand: 2 gm lidocaine/5 mL
Bag: 500mL D5W

X = 500 X 3mg X 60 X = 45 gtts/min
2000 mg X 1 X 1

Find the Concentration
X = Solute (gms or mgs of drug)
Solvent (ltr or mL of volume)

Example: 1 gm of lidocaine has been added to 250 mL of D5W

X = 1gm

X = 1000mg (converted to milligrams)

X = 4mg/mL

Amount of Solute
Percent of solution X volume of solution = number of grams

Example: How many grams of dextrose are in a 250mL bag of D5W?

5% dextrose in water = 5 grams of Dextrose in 100 mL.

X = 5% or 5gms X 250

X = 12.5g

5g : 100 mL : : (X)g : 250mL

MD orders 500mg of 10% solution CaCl. How many mLs do you give?

10 g/100 mL or 10 X 1000 = 10,000mg/100mL

10,000mg/100mL = 500mg/(X)mL

10,000X = 50,000

X = 5

MD orderes Isuprel infusion 2 mg/500mL D5W. What is the concestration per mL?


2mg : 500mL : : (X)mg : 1mL
2 : 500X
X = 0.004mg or 4 mcg/mL

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