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David Key, Director
Macon County Emergency Services Office (828) 349-2067

Scanner: 155.325 Mhz
For emergencies: Dial 9-1-1

Macon County Emergency Services
125 Hyatt Road
Franklin, NC 28734


Crime Scene Awareness

Topics Covered in this Web Training Session:

  • Risk Reduction at Scene
  • Violent Situations
  • Evasive Techniques
  • Evidence Considerations

First and Foremost:

Your safety strategy should begin as soon as you are dispatched on a call.

    When you are dispatched on a potentially violent call,
    you should:
  • Never follow law enforcement into a scene.
  • Never approach the scene until you are advised it is secure.
  • Approach potentially unsafe scenes in a single file.
  • Hold a flashlight to the side of your body not the front.
  • Stand to the side of the door when knocking.
    Potentially dangerous scenes:
  • Highway encounters
  • Violent street scenes
  • Murders, assaults, robberies
  • Dangerous crowds
  • Street gangs
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Clandestine drug labs
  • Domestic violence

Dangerous Crowds and Bystanders
should ALWAYS be cause for concern.
    Signs of impending danger will include
  • Shouts or increasingly loud voice
  • Pushing or shoving
  • Hostilities toward anyone
  • Rapid increase in crowd size
  • Inability of law enforcement to control bystanders

Street Gangs - Crips, Bloods, Almighty Latin Nation, just to name a few

NO EMS personnel is totally immune from gang activity

Drug-related Crimes - drugs and violence go hand-in-hand because of high cash flow, addiction and weapons >>> dangerous combination.

Each EMS provider should be aware of the signs and symptoms that the patient has been using illicit drugs.

    The following are signs of drug involvement:
  • Prior history of drugs in the neighborhood
  • Drug related comments by bystanders
  • Drug paraphernalia

Common abused substances sold on the streets:

Clandestine Drug Labs -
Labs are becoming more common place.
Used to manufacture LSD, methamphetamine, crack and more

The scene is a HAZMAT situation

    Actions to be taken by the EMS provider:
  • Leave the area immediately
  • DO NOT touch anything
  • Never stop any chemical reactions already in progress
  • Notify the police
  • Do not smoke near lab
  • Initiate ICS and HAZMAT procedures
  • Consider evacuation of area
Tactical considerations:
Your best response to violence is observation

Use these safety tactics to STAY SAFE:
  • Retreat - move away from danger
  • Cover and Concealment - protection by placing something solid between yourself and danger
  • Distraction and evasion - throw equipment and/or objects between you and attacker
  • Warning signals and communication - be aware of defensive body language and demeaning tone in conversation
Tactical Patient Care
Increasing violence >>> increased chances of being involved in a violent or potentially violent situation.

Tactical EMS
The provision of care in the hot zone, such as sniper situations, often necessitates risks far beyond those found on most EMS calls.

Medical personnel assigned to such incidents require special training and authorization known as Tactical EMS (TEMS)

How does TEMS differ from routine EMS. . . . . . .
  • The major priority is to extract the patient from the hot zone, and moved to tactical cold zones.....routine EMS is not going in until the scene is secure.
  • Care may be modified to meet tactical requirements
  • More trauma than medical
  • Treatment and transport decisions must almost always be through IC.

EMS at Crime Scenes.....
  • The main goal of performing EMS at crime scenes is to provide high - quality patient care while preserving evidence
  • NEVER jeopardize patient care for the sake of evidence....however, do not perform patient care with disregard to evidence either.
  • Should be well versed in situational awareness, if it looks like evidence then it probably is.
  • Record the facts and record them accurately
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