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Macon County
Surplus Real Property For Sale

Macon County has the following real property which has been authorized for disposal:

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Parcel # (PIN)




3.25 acres

Off Barnard Road off Olive Hill Road



Lot #13 C.C. Copeland Property – Cowee



Lot #7 C.C. Copeland Property – Cowee


approx 3.76 acres

388 Bethel Church Road


.90 acres

Lot 0 Watauga Vista; off Brandy Lane


.04 acres

Lot 1 Cartoogechaye Creek Campground; 88 No Name Road


.04 acres

Lot 2 Cartoogechaye Creek Campground; 88 No Name Road


1.07 acres

Lot 307 Wildflower; Loop Road

Terms and Conditions by which Macon County may sell real property:

I. Negotiated offers should be submitted to the County in writing to Derek Roland, County Manager, Courthouse Annex, 5 West Main Street, Franklin, NC 28734.

II. Any offer that the County Manager finds acceptable will be reported to the Board of County Commissioners at its next regular meeting. At that meeting the Board of Commissioners will adopt a resolution proposing to accept one of the offers and directing the initial offerors submit a deposit in the amount of five per cent (5%) of the offer.

III. Upon receipt of the bid deposit, there will then be published a notice of the bid and its terms This notice must (a) describe the property, (b) set out the amount and terms of the offer and (c) specify the requirements for submission of an upset bid.

IV. Any upset bids must be received in the office of the County Manager within ten (10) days after the date the notice is published.

V. An upset bid must be in an amount which will raise the original offer by at least ten per (10%) of the first $1,000.00 and five per cent (5%) of the remainder of the original offer.

VI. The upset bid process will be pursued in consecutive ten (10) day sessions until ten (10) days has passed without receipt of a qualifying upset bid.

VII. When no further upset bids are received, the final bid will be presented to the Board of Commissioners at their next regular meeting for final approval.

VIII. The County Commissioners have the right to reject any and all bids until the final bid has been approved and accepted by action of the Board.

IX. The procedure to be followed during the upset bid periods is as follows: The upset bid period will remain open for the entire ten (10) days specified in the Notice of Sale. During that time, numerous upset bids maybe presented. At the end of the ten (10) days, the bids will be examined and the highest of these bids becomes the new offer. At that time, the upset bid process of advertising for new upset bids, will commence.

For further information contact Mike Decker at (828) 349-2020 or email.

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