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Mountain Wise of Macon County
Jen Germain - Health Educator
Phone (828) 349-2084

1830 Lakeside Drive • Franklin NC 28734

Community Care Clinic of Franklin NC
The Community Care Clinic of Franklin is a local, nonprofit organization that believes everyone deserves basic health care.

We provide free health care for qualified, uninsured adults and children who meet financial need requirements and are not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or other health assistance programs.

(828) 349-2085


Macon County Public Health
Mountain Wise of Macon County

Our Mission

Mountain Wise of Macon Countyis a public-private healthcare partnership.
The mission of Mountain Wise of Macon County is to assess and develop health and safety resources for Macon County.

Community members and leaders, representatives of public health, hospitals, human services organizations, churches, schools and businesses come together to organize and mobilize resources through collaboration.

With over 100 members and 50 organizations participating, the partnership conducts a community health assessment to establish health priorities. HCMC subcommittees work to implement plans to address these issues.

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