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Kathy McGaha, MS, Director


Macon County Public Health
Reproductive Health

Both the male and female reproductive systems play a role in pregnancy. Problems with these systems can affect fertility and the ability to have children. There are many such problems in men and women. Reproductive health problems can also be harmful to overall health and impair a person's ability to enjoy a sexual relationship.

Your reproductive health is influenced by many factors. These include your age, lifestyle, habits, genetics, use of medicines and exposure to chemicals in the environment. Many problems of the reproductive system can be corrected. Macon County Public Health provides the following services for reproductive health.

This service is for men and women of childbearing age. Services include annual exams, birth control supplies and pregnancy tests. Counseling on male and female sterilization is also available. Appointments are required and all services are confidential.

This service offers medical care for pregnant women who live in Macon County by a health care team that includes a physician and specially trained nurses. Prenatal education, laboratory work, counseling, and other testing is also provided.

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