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macon county nc health departmentMacon County Public Health
Communicable Disease Control

Communicable Diseases

A key responsibility of the Macon County Public Health, and of all local health departments, is controlling the spread of communicable diseases in the community. The local health director is required by North Carolina law to investigate cases of certain communicable diseases of public health importance, and to ensure that appropriate control measures are instituted.

In addition, we strive to be a "user-friendly" source of information on communicable disease prevention and control for health professionals as well as the general public.

To Report a Communicable Disease Case:
Call the Macon County Public Health Center Communicable Disease Coordinator Monday through Friday, 8 - 4:30 at (828) 349-2081 or 349-2464. In the event of a Communicable Disease Emergency during non-business hours, physicians or hospitals may reach health department staff through 911 dispatch.

Who Should Report Cases?

  • Physicians and medical laboratories are required to report known or suspected cases of certain diseases to the local health department in the county where the physician's office or the laboratory is located.
  • School principals and day-care centers are required to notify the health department if they have reason to suspect that an individual in the school or facility has a reportable disease.
  • Food establishments must report suspected foodborne outbreaks among customers or employees, as well as any suspected foodborne illness in a food handler.

Any member of the public who has questions or concerns about communicable diseases may call (828) 349-2081, M-F, 8-4:30 and ask to speak to a Public Health Nurse.

What Diseases are Reportable?
To see the official list of diseases that must be reported, go to the North Carolina General Communicable Disease Control Branch web site and follow the link to North Carolina Communicable Disease Rules.

Where can I find more information?
Comprehensive up-to-date information about communicable diseases is available at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and NC Epidemiology Topics

Sexually Transmitted Disease Services
Services are available by appointment. Services include diagnosis, treatment, education, counseling, and follow-up. All services are kept strictly confidential. Most STD services are free of charge.

HIV & AIDS Laboratory Services
The AIDS blood test (HIV antibody test) is available by appointment There is no charge.

HIV & AIDS Patient Services
Macon County Public Health does not provide treatment services for persons with HIV/AIDS. However, we do provide referrals to an AIDS case manager who can help locate medical providers and financial assistance.

Tuberculosis Control
Tuberculosis screening tests are provided by appointment any day except Thursday. Tuberculosis medications and other services are provided as needed for all clients with known tuberculosis infection or active disease. No fees are charged for treatment services.

Traveler's Health
More and more Macon County residents are traveling as students, tourists, missionaries, and business travelers to remote corners of the world where there is a far greater risk of disease exposure than here at home. In response, we have expanded our travel vaccination and information services so that we can now provide all of the shots and health information that most travelers need.

Call for an appointment and talk to one of our nurses about your travel plans. The nurse will ask you about your itinerary, prior immunizations, and health problems, and then determine what shots you need and when you should get them. Don't wait until the last minute to get your shots!

To read up on health risks and prevention for your trip, go to one of these sites:

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